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Bike Blender

last update: 11/11/16

The bike blender runs on a dynamo on the back wheel and after a half a minute of vigorous pedaling you are rewarded with a delicious smoothie. Best healthy recipe is frozen bananas slightly thawed, a few frozen berries and milk. Pre peeling the bananas before freezing makes life easier. Available for loan in Christchurch for a donation or you can buy one for $250 which includes a new blender jug and new pannier rack which can be attached to your bike. Its best to have a 26” bike with slick back tyre and if you want kids to use it, a small frame or woman’s frame. You also have to supply the stand to mount the bike on - old wind trainers are readily available. The jug must be held in place by a second person or it will fall off. You could organize a strapping system to hold the jug in place but at events where lots of people are making smoothies its easier to get it on and off quickly with no straps.

Click to see a video of the blender in action.

The current design of bike blender featuring a new blender jug and new pannier rack with skateboard wheel dynamo

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Hokitika wild foods festival blackberry and cream smoothie or apricot and manuka honey

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