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Electric Trailer

last update: 11/11/16

Put an electric motor into a heavy duty trailer and cruise along with heavy loads without raising a sweat

cost $1800 with 300W motor and 11AH Panasinic cell lithium-ion battery, LCD interface, pedal assist sensor and hand throttle.

The two big advantages of the electric trailer over an electric bike is the load carrying capacity (which is often when you need the assist to help with the extra load), and the ability to switch the expensive motor & battery between two or more bikes. With a second $40 controller you can use the trailer to power a standard bike or a cargo bike, depending on how much load you need to take, or leave the trailer at home and bike under your own steam on an ordinary-weight bike, rather than always having the heavier electric bike. Itís also a bit cheaper than a standard electric bike. Disadvantage is trying to get the cables looking tidy Ė still working on that!

Lithium ion battery is tucked in the front of the 100 litre bin leaving plenty of space. 300W motor in the left wheel of the trailer gives a nice gently push and doesnít disturb you balance or handling noticably. It would be possible to put it into a single wheel trailer too.

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