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Kayak Trolleys

last update: 11/11/16

Kayak & Paddleboard Trolleys

These trolleys can be fitted with 16” bike wheels that are suited to cycling along the road to the river/surf. Most other kayak trolleys have small fat wheels with a bush rather than a bearing, making them hard to tow long distances and they wear out quickly on a long distance.

Kayak Trolley

Two standard widths are available, 435 mm wide struts for narrower single kayaks, and 550mm apart for sit on tops or wider sea kayaks. I can custom built ones to suit whatever kayak you may have and have an adjustable length towbar system if you want to take boats of significantly different lengths.

The nose of the kayak is strapped to a pad at the front which keeps everything nice and rigid and even heavy double sea kayaks can be towed with ease. The length of the tow bar extension can be altered to suit the length of the kayak (tow bar length = 1/2 kayak length - 700mm). Typically this is 1400mm for a single kayak (4-4.5m) or 2100mm for a double kayak (>5.5m). It is better to have a slightly longer towbar, rather than shorter, as “fish-tailing” can occur if the end of the kayak sticks out too far behind the wheels. When you don’t want to take the kayak, the tow bar extension can be removed and the trolley converted to a bike trailer by bolting a bin on top making it a very versatile setup.

SUP Stand Up Paddleboard Trolley

These designed for strapping a relatively flat surface on top rather than the very curved hull of a kayak. There is space to attach a deck in front of the axle to strap all your wetsuit & gear. Suitable for any length of paddleboard


Details of kayak towing in action on

 fossil fuel free multisport event 2011 Styx River

 fossil fuel free multisport event 2013 Waimakariri River

fossil fuel free multisport event 2014 Quail Island via Dyers Pass. See the youtube video

fossil fuel free Coast to Coast to Coast 2016 and youtube video

 $330 Trolley with tow bar extension and pads & straps (no wheels or bin)

 $50 for 2 new 16” wheels or use 2nd hand 12 or 16” wheels

Adjustable length towbar $50 extra

Kayak trolley instructions

Make you own wooden kayak trolley instructions

Kayak trolley with tow bar extension

The kayak trolley with tow bar removed and bin bolted on making a very useful shopping trailer.

A 5.8 m long 40kg plastic double sea kayak tows along very smoothly using the tow bar.

28 kg Necky kayak in Lyttleton Harbour having cycled up & over Dyers Pass

Towing kayaks through Arthur’s Pass on the fffc2c2c2 2016

SUP Standup Paddleboard trolley with 10.5 foot (3.5m) paddleboard

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