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last update: 1/2/16

Here is what people have said who have used the Cheating Camel cycle trailers


Hello Steve, I want to thank you for making such a good strong product. Your trailer served me so well around the top of the South Island and we ended our trip across coming doing the molesworth muster cycle from Blenheim to Hamner. I wanted to come to chch but my knee was hungry for gravel on (thankfully) the last descent so my first stop was the med centre for stitches not hotpools, hehe. Your trailer came away intact through that as they're amazingly wonderful!

Having started travelling with a way way inferior trailer, yours was such an improvement I kept looking back to check it was still there as I was sure that it must have run off, for it gave me no grief, weight was balanced and it handles well in a variety of terrains. Your attachment device is simple and caused me no frustration at all (not like my other which was hard to do) and I'm just so so happy with your product. So THANK YOU!

Willow 2016


I can’t recommend the trailers or Steven highly enough. Steven is totally committed to the environmental and spiritual aesthetics of cycling and his trailers are by far the lightest, cheapest, most adaptable and practical I have seen and used. D'Arcy Lunn.

Read the full two pages of d’Arcy’s epic tour of the South Island with a Cheating Camel trailer darcy.pdf

Just wanted to send you a line to say thanks for the trailer. It's working really well. The most surprising thing I'm finding is that people talk to us because they think it's neat! Tonight while packing up our groceries we got an awesome wartime story about a guy biking to Dunedin with a homemade trailer he had some great adventures. laura

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial….These bike trailers are a fantastic idea! Lightweight, safe, manoueverable, easy to attach, low cost, and quality workmanship. I would like to thoroughly recommend one to any person who seeks a safe way to haul larger loads with a pushbike. We use one several times a week for trips to the library, shopping, family excursions and so on. It sure beats using a car and poisoning the air we breathe. Plus we get fit at the same time. I personally find the trailer safer and easier to use than side panniers. This model is much cheaper than the commercial ones available in bike shops, yet just as sturdy and useful. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed if you do purchase one.Gavin, father and home-schooler of four children, Linwood, Christchurch.

I towed the trailer about 25km yesterday, on open road and round town, with and without a load, and it exceeded all expectations! Hope the sales do too. Sonia.

I thought I would give you some quick feed back about the trailer. I love it! My weirdest load so far has been 2 single matresses (rolled up, secured with a bungee) and the heaviest was a 40 kg sack of premix cement and a 50 litre bag of potting mix. I think the guy at Place Makers thought I was having him on when I said that I was biking home! I am putting $2 in a jar (metaphorically) every time I use it to see how much money I save every year. I think it will have paid for itself in less than 2 years, but more importantly it has meant one less car on the road for several trips a month. Meg


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