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Useful Links

last update: 20/09/15

Heres some useful websites

ICECycles Free bike maintenance in Christchurch

Gapfillers R.A.D free bike workshop open several times a week

Cycling church

Cycling in Christchurch Blog

Cycling Advocates Network”help make NZ a better place to ride

Spokes the local Christchurch cycling group

Pedallers paradise info on cycle touring NZ

Velo-ideale for quality commuter & cargo If you want to buy overseas made single wheel touring trailers or child carrying trailers

Load carrying in Asia - see how the experts do it

Mundo cargo bikes can carry 200kg with extended carrier on the back

Christiana trikes are great if you have lots of money - Wellington based Crank Cargo import them

Parts for other bikes trailers at bike trailer shop

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