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Bike Blender

The latest bike blender has a stainless steel frame with a friction wheel rubbing on the tyre that turns the blades of a blender at the front of the bike. There is an oversize chain ring so you donít have to spin the pedals at quite such a manic pace to get the perfect brew. It takes about half a minute of vigorous pedaling and you are rewarded with a delicious smoothie. A good healthy recipe is frozen bananas slightly thawed (nice and creamy), a few frozen berries and milk. Pre-peeling and cutting the bananas before freezing makes life easier.

They are available for loan in Christchurch for a donation or you can buy one for $900.  The jug must be held in place by a second person or it will fall off.

Adult bike blender

bike blender on a kids frame

The fleet of bike blenders ready for your event