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The Hitch

The 1/2 inch Ball joint hitch is super easy to use, very strong and flexible enough to lay your bike down on the ground if required. Extra hitches are available for making your own trailer or to fit a tow ball to other bikes in your household so the trailer can be used among multiple bikes. The base plate is made from 3mm stainless steel for the small- large trailers and from 4mm stainless steel for the extra large and ginormous trailers. Custom base plates can be made for electric bikes with wires that go in the left hand rear axle.

Hitch with stainless steel base plate $40 + $5 courier.

Hitch with stainless steel base plate and tow bar bracket. The tow bar bracket comes in two sizes to fit either a 25mm or 32mm tow bar $50 + $5 courier.