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Light Weight Trailers

The light weight trailers only support the wheel on one side of the axle so it canít handle as much load as the heavy duty trailer but with 10mm wheel axles it will handle up to 50kg ok.  Works best with 16 inch wheels or 20 inch wheels. Designed to be used with the Jobmate Bin 100L SKU: 327633 $40. Other bin sizes can be custom made if required. The bins come with lids to keep everything dry and lift out making transfer of groceries a breeze. Two strips of light aluminium angle are included which bolts to each side of the bin to stop it slipping too low.

$190 for kitset frame & hitch, $120 for new wheels or use old 16 inch bike wheels, $50 courier


Instructions for assembling and using a light weight trailer


The light weight trailer with 100 litre bin